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At Frank's Septic we offer both concrete and plastic septic tanks.  Although we offer both, we strongly recommend concrete whenever applicable.  The advantages of concrete far out weigh those of plastic. 

Due to our emphasis on quality, our concrete tanks compete nationally and are recommended by the New Mexico Environment Department. 

We use 5,000 PSI rated concrete with fiber mesh when the minimum standard is 3,000 PSI.  This, with proper ventilation, helps prevent concrete deterioration. 

Our tanks are top seam and not clam shell design. This means there is no center seam in our tanks.  Center seam tanks are a poor design that often leak resulting in a failed inspection.

We offer 1000, 1250, and 1500 gallon sizes. 

Come by our yard and check out our tanks for yourself! 
Concrete Tank.jpg
Plastic Tank.jpg
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