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  • Pumping Service 
    -Septic Tanks


  • Installation Service
    -Septic Tanks
    -Drain Fields
    -Any & all repairs


  • Septic Inspections


During normal business hours, we are available to chat!  Simply click the blue icon at the bottom right of your screen and we will be with you shortly. 

Through chat you can:

  • Request a quote

  • Make appointments

  • Simply ask for advice


Monday:             7:30a-5:00p

Tuesday:            7:30a-5:00p

Wednesday:       7:30a-5:00p

Thursday:           7:30a-5:00p

Friday:                7:30a-5:00p

Saturday:           7:30a-5:00p

Sunday:                Closed 


We are open 24 hours with added emergency after hours fee.

Valencia County, NM USA

Video: Full septic system installation 

The video displayed is of a new home full septic sytem installation.  This 3 bedroom home requires a 1,000 gal. concrete tank and 750sq. ft of drain field.  The drain field shown is divided into two 55 ft long trenches to meet EID requirments.  We also replace old systems and add on to existing systems.  Give us a call regarding what work you need done!

Need help understanding how septic systems work?  Here's a helpful video that covers the basics.
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